July 13th, almost time to fly home

“fuck off with the stuff that isn’t the most amazing way that you can imagine spending your time.”

-Agape Adams

Today went by so fast. I felt sick after breakfast so I played hooky from the bees. Agape gave me some sweet mint (also called colon or colic mint) leaves to chew on which helped almost instantly. I went to the beach by myself, a rare luxury, especially since the tide was low enough to actually lay out for a couple hours. Later, talking in the kitchen with Agape about life. I will miss talking to Agape and Kwao; they are both funny, wise, frank, interesting, outspoken and creative people living the life they chose.

In the late afternoon, Kwao taught the interns how to build top bar hives. I was displeased because my nails were not perfectly straight, which I thought was a reasonable reaction to the project, especially since Kwao was teaching us and was clearly unimpressed by our efforts. He’s not the type to commend mediocre work, or really to commend anyone in general. Agape thought I should feel better about my work since it was the first time I had ever built a top bar hive (or used a hammer to nail anything other than picture frame hangers). Her exact words were “you need to learn to look on the bright side of yourself.” I try, but also I don’t think it’s absurd to want to be, if not immediately an excellent carpenter, at least immediately someone who can nail nails straight into a board. Preferably in 3 hammer strokes.

ughhhh. my nails. 


Tomorrow Agape is going to teach me how to make samosas! with tamarind sauce and everything.





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