July 11th, storms and sunset

slow rainy day. I’m hiding out in the kitchen watching sheets of rain rustle the palm trees outside, listening to the rain beating on the tin roof. When it rains this hard I pretend that I’m on a ship at stormy sea. (I also do this when airplanes go through turbulence, and imagine the terror of sailors centuries past). I’ve never been in the kitchen with all the doors and windows closed up (all the windows that can be closed up). All I’ve done today is read a book on my computer, go to a small walk to strawberry point and eat crackers and jam. I also counted how many books I can remember reading since I got here: 19. Free e-books are saving me right now

later. Kaela stepped away from the light of her computer and noticed the absolutely incredible pink sky sunset. So we ran down the hill to the beach trying not to slip in the mud and caught some photographs. Sadly, none of my polaroids turned out. I don’t think the instant camera will take a successful far away photo with so little light. sigh.


My iPhone worked great even though its poor screen is absolutely busted.


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