July 7th-10th, Robin’s Bay school, Mr. Hill’s zoo and a cute baby

breaking dress codes: something new & different for me


The other morning we went to Robin’s Bay school to teach the kids at summer camp about bees, specifically to teach them the waggle dance. The school is small and charming. The kids were not terribly enthusiastic about learning the waggle dance. The parts they liked were when Agape chased them around with a broom, pretending to be “danger” to the bees, and when they got to have a dance contest at the end. The dance contest itself was brutal. We had envisioned adults judging the contest but instead the teacher had the other kids scream “yes” or “no” to each dancer. It was very clearly a popularity contest. My sensitive inner child recoiled. We gave the winners guava jam that Marjorie, a family friend, made. Then we went home and Kaela and I ate half a jar. And we’ve pretty much eaten that amount of jam every day since.

please ignore the thumbprint


The next day Kwao, Tom, Kaela and I went to visit a man named Mr. Hill who does many different forms of animal husbandry in his backyard. He gave us several bags of cinnamon leaves for Agape to distill into essential oil, plus an extensive tour of his property. He probably has about 200 birds, many of which are considered pets. I was actually pretty unclear about how to distinguish between the animals being raised to eat and those that were pets and horrified his 5 year old grandson by asking him if they ate their guinea pigs.

extremely crowded apiary!
Tom, Mr. Hill & Kwao

Yesterday Kwao took Halle -the newest intern! she is also from the south and (also) very funny- and I and the eldest boys on a really intense, mostly uphill river hike that involved scaling the sides of 2 waterfalls. I have been begging to go on this hike for weeks even though it apparently made one intern break down in tears halfway through. No one in our group cried but I did take a 3 hour nap when we got home. Which I mostly blame on staying up late reading the night before (Rainbow Rowell, look her up).

Today was super laid back. Went into the bees briefly, beached, I cooked dinner and finished another book by Rainbow Rowell (Fangirl, here I come). AND I FINALLY WROTE A NEW BLOG POST. You’re welcome mom.

P.S. Cuji, the toddler, who is my favorite person here (sorry Kwao and Agape!!), is fascinated by his own image. Probably why we get along so well, we have so much in common. He can be endlessly entertained by picture and videos of himself (or of donkeys, he loves those too).






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