July 4th, The Queenkiller Chronicle*

Another day, another belated blog post.

Yesterday I killed my first queen. I’ve witnessed Agape kill queens before and I didn’t think it would be very hard but it was. She is always gorgeous and resplendent and she runs from you like she can sense what you’re there for. It’s tempting even in her death to give her a queenly name: Eleanor or Arwen, Bridget or Victoria. But if the queen is doing a poor job laying then it is the responsibility of the beekeeper to give the bees a younger, stronger queen. This will likely make your hive more productive and give you more honey and beeswax. Another time it can be a good idea to kill a queen is if the colony has any pests. This will give them (hopefully) better genes to fight off the pests or disease. Selective breeding is a key component to natural beekeeping. More on that in my next post.

Queen that I killed
Agape searching for the queen
Tom came into the bees with us!
Just a pretty comb

*shout out to patrick rothfuss and his excellent fantasy novels. speaking of which, I recant my prior opinion of Tolkien and confess that I begged Melchizedek to search high and low for the next two books-which he couldn’t find! After they get to Moria it really picks up action and dialogue wise. The parts with the Elves are beautiful and sad, how much they are sacrificing to destroy the ring! I loved Galadriel and her temptation to use the ring, mirrored what I think would be my own desire to do so more than any of the other characters so far. I finished this morning and am happy only because I know that where I am going next (to my dear friend’s home in Asheville) there will definitely be copies of them all. Message here: re-read books, they may be better than you remember (this also just happened to me with Wind Up Bird Chronicle). Keep friends close at hand who are fellow readers. Killing royals is sometimes inevitable.


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