July 3rd, bat update

Our little bat friend died last night. RIP bruce/edward. Kaela and I didn’t have the heart to deal with his corpse before breakfast so that’s what we’re going to do now. Reminded of all the baby birds I tried to rescue as a little kid and that time in 2nd grade when all the cicadas came to Tennessee and I made a cicada hospital.

How hard it is to save wild things!



One thought on “July 3rd, bat update

  1. sorry to hear. Glad you are doing well there. I have talk to Dalton, but do not think he has money for gas to go there. Sad.

    Uncle Ed put the water on grass yesterday at Eric’s and all the 4 baby Robins came down and splash in water and took a bath in little puddles that formed on the patio. Everything is so dry. Mother and Dad came to protect them. It was so cute. It was the most excitement we have had all week end.
    Love, Auntie Linda


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