July 2nd, trying to save a broken-wing bat

yucky bloody wing
kaela cutting gauze small enough
fresh bandage 

A fruit bat has taken up residence in our house. The poor guy has a broken wing. This morning, after calling a vet friend of Agape’s last night for advice, Kaela and I wrapped up his wing. Hopefully it will heal and he will be able to fly again! He is really cute and fuzzy and seems to know we are here to help him. We also made him a little home in an upside down pineapple box. We have been feeding him mangos out of our hands, squeezing them so he can lick the juice, and giving him capfulls of water. I named him Edward Gorey and Kaela named him Bruce Wayne. We will see which name sticks.

new home on our porch 

Late last night a trainer from Honduras named Tom Hebert arrived. He will be staying here for a month to do bee trainers around the island and participate in the agricultural expo at the end of the month, called Denbigh, this year their focus is sustainable beekeeping! Agape and Kwao are excited to have him because he is a very skilled beekeeper and also super nice. He keeps africanized bees, aka killer bees. Click to link to his (very good) blog!

smoker is too hot even for cuji 
Chopped all this grass down the other week with a cutlass (and Kwao and Kaela’s help)
Me and Kaela: Fashion people please help with these beekeeping outfits
chickens in the kitchen
sugar fix. not eating refined sugar at home is shockingly easy. who have i become!?!

Very desperate for a fantasy novel in my life so I’m reading a beat up, cover less copy of Fellowship of the Ring. I know this is blasphemous but Tolkien has just never really done it for me. I’m over 300 pages in and a woman has spoken 1 time. Yikes. No wonder those movies failed the Bechdel test. Other than the obvious gender stuff though, this book is boring. Every other page someone is either singing a song that is therefore transcribed at length or telling a detailed story the reader already knows to another character. Tolkien has clearly never heard the famous writing mantra “show don’t tell”. However, it is giving me a much needed magic fix. Currently dreaming of coming home to bookstores, creme brulee and my much loved copies of The Magicians.



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