June 20th, strawberry moon and lightning storms

June’s full moon is called the strawberry moon, the honey moon and the rose moon. A whole month of sweetness. Bees nuzzling flowers, fuzzy with pollen, bringing home their bounty and turning it into food, giving life to the fruit of the flowers.

Monday marked the first time since 1948 that a full moon bloomed on the summer solstice. Here  we had lightning storms marking the occasion and late in the night, a full thunderstorm came through, knocking our windows against the walls and misting rain through our mosquito nets. Magical energy starting the summer!

I spent most of today in the kitchen, making lunch and baking bread. Agape taught me how to make my own sourdough starter which is super easy! All it takes is flour and water. Set it out and let yeast from the air fall into it. Then you just have to keep feeding it more flour and water. This is called wild fermentation. I’m excited to bake sourdough bread back in New York over the fall and think about Jamaica.

Agape and Kwao took Claudia to Annotto Bay to the hospital. Her body was breaking out in spots all over and we all thought she had some sort of sun poisoning. It turns out she has chicken pox! Kwao and I are the only ones here who have had it before so fingers crossed no one catches it. While they were gone Kayla and I were in charge of building and feeding the fire so we could get the outdoor oven hot enough to cook the bread.

the boys and a couple girls from down the street playing a bicycle traffic game. i was reading in that hammock in the middle of them most of the time they were doing this. 
kofi as a little baby lion ❤

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