June 17th, milk and honey

heart of honey

This morning after breakfast I went down the street with Kwao to help his friend with his hives. We inspected all 3 hives and then moved 2 of them across the yard. I was warned not to drop my end of the hive if I got stung which I was very nervous about doing, but luckily no bee stings for me today. The hives were surprisingly light. Unfortunately when you move hives, even across a small space like this yard, some of the returning worker bees get confused and cannot find their way home again. To help outgoing bees reorient to their new location we placed small leafy branches across the entrances. This way as the bees leave they encounter a strange object and must reorient themselves,adjusting themselves to the larger change as well.

one of the hives we moved

The guy who lives there has a dog and a cat who are friends. When I was little my kitten Tarzan and my brother’s dog Blaze loved to roughhouse with each other but I haven’t seen any other dog/cat friends since.


When we got home I was exhausted and drenched in sweat. The bee veils are sweltering. Latoya and I took some of the younger boys, Kofi, Enoch and Joshua, down to the sea and I lay on the beach and read a coverless Kurt Vonnegut novel I found in the kitchen. Enoch hated this and kept insisting I come play with them, with rafts of wood and nails they had found or made and were surfing and kicking around on. We finally got them to come upstairs to the kitchen for lunch which was nowhere near ready. Latoya and I walked up the road to Bobby’s shop and I had a perfect cup of coffee, Nescafe with milk. Icy shards floated in the milk, the first time I’ve had milk in my coffee since I arrived here. We drink it with honey at home and I will honestly drink coffee any which way but I was still grateful for this small unexpected luxury.

modeling my beekeeping attire. strings are the new belts. 


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