June 14th, attack of the bees

Today Kwao took me out to another one of their bush farms to check on another apiary. This apiary was very overgrown with guinea grass, an invasive species. It was overgrown enough that Kwao decided to hack down all the grass before we went into the hives, even though this confuses and angers the bees. When we went into the first hive the bees were mad. Generous amounts of smoke did not calm them down and they basically chased us down the road. So we took a break and walked down the road to look at the view.

clearing some space
putting the fresh in refreshment
vulture overhead


When we came back we did one more hive and cleared out a dead hive of its old comb (which was filled with roaches and hive moth). Agape, Latoya and I will render the dirty comb and get beeswax out of it, which we will then boil several more times until we have clean, good wax to make stuff with.

cutting out the dirty comb

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