June 8th, bees and a sea cave

Today was full of good things. In the morning, Agape and I inspected some of the hives. I actually did the first two inspections myself which was very cool and confidence-boosting. Two of the hives we looked at were small splits. One of them had failed to puncture its feed bag and also to produce any brood. We went into a large healthy hive and took out a brood comb to help the population in the small hive. All the hives look healthy and have plenty of resources but not enough to crank out much honey at all. Everyone here thinks this is because of the drought last year and the excessive rain this year, which has been washing away a lot of pollen.

Cuji helping me with the smoker. He loves to puff it and gets upset if you try to take it away. It’s pretty hot but he will even help stuff banana leaves inside it.

After lunch, I climbed the big tree in the front yard with the boys which they DID NOT think I could do. This turned out to be great preparation for the sea cave “walk” we would take later, which was in fact much more like rock climbing at certain parts. The three older boys took me, Latoya and Dave out to the sea cave after we had visited the puppies next door.

Me, Joshua (hidden behind the trunk) and Lane, Dave and Tonya’s sweet little girl.
entrance to the sea cave, neptune’s lair

The sea cave was so much fun! Even though it did not look like the Peter Pan sea cave I had envisioned, being much smaller and lacking in pirates. We had to climb over some very large and pointy rocks to get inside and then the boys took us through a tunnel-like passage to the other side so we could see down into the cave from the top (after more rock climbing). This was actually pretty treacherous, with sharp drops all around. After that we all went inside the sea cave where the waves crash from three openings. The whole point of going out to the sea cave is body surfing these waves. Hopefully without bashing your head against the rock wall. Pure joy. This is better than any wave pool or actual body surfing I’ve ever done, probably because it’s also more dangerous. After we were done getting creamed by the waves we hiked back up a very steep gradient and found ourselves here…IMG_3535

this meadow is more sun-soaked in person

Pretty magical stuff. Also, I got to snuggle some puppies.


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