Beekeeping in Jamaica

My name is Isabella and I am doing a sustainable beekeeping internship for a month in Jamaica. While I’m here I want to learn more about bees, about other people’s concepts of nature (on both personal and cultural levels), what the environmental issues facing Jamaica are and what it’s like to live a rural lifestyle. Some questions I’m asking (and I hope you are too): How much of what I have is important to me and how much can I do without? How do I reprogram myself for satiety? What is enough? Where does the balance lie between poverty and excess? This will surely be a big change from my city life in New York, maybe even enough that I can start getting some answers. I’m hopeful that changing my routine can somehow change my mind. About what I think is good and what it means to be whole. I want to be able to surrender to the unknown like I’m doing a card trick, pulling rabbits out of hats and turning them into stars.


5 thoughts on “Beekeeping in Jamaica

  1. The adventure that you are on sounds great! I know I will go to Jamaica in the next few years. I would love to see the country side and ocean. Take care and hope all goes well with the BBBBBBBs


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